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KMSPico is the activator which is used to activate the Microsoft Windows & Microsoft Office. If you are also a person who doesn’t want to pay money to buy the original copy of Windows.

But also wants to use the full features of the Windows as well as MS Office then you must be very happy to listen that KMSPico helps you in activating them without wasting your money.

This activator is the best choice for users as they give you the genuine activation. It is totally virus and trojans free which is tested by the Virus Total. KMSPico is developed by the most famous Team Daz which are famous for making these activators.

What Is KMSPico

KMSPico is an activator of Microsoft Products. It allows it’s users to activate Windows and Office so that they can use the full features. If you are using Windows then you must be aware that it comes with the 30 days of trial.

After your trial expires you then need to buy a license from Microsoft Company & then you can use its lifetime. When your trial ends you see most of the useful features are not working.

Such as you cannot change your theme or layout of your desktop, you won’t receive updates from Microsoft and it is very risky. Because Microsoft keeps updating its security to make sure your computer is secure but after you are unable to receive the update you may get into a problem.

This is why you need to have a free licensed OS such as Linux or need to purchase the license. But if you want to continue using Windows but don’t want to spend money then KMSPico is the best choice.

As this activates your Windows 10 in a genuine way to Microsoft will understand that it is the original copy. By activating Windows using KMSPico you will be able to use all the features and also get the latest updates.

How KMSPico Works

To understand the concept of KMSPico you first need to understand what it actually means?

So the Word KMSPico came from Microsoft’s Key Management Server (KMS). As you know that it is a huge company and almost in every business and large companies use its products.

But the main problem was that having a license, in the past time companies has to buy the Windows copies for all its computers. Which was very time consuming and also wastes a lot of money…

This way they asked the owner Bill Gates to make such a program so that they can activate their windows more easily. Also, they don’t have to buy a separate copy for each machine.

It is the reason Microsoft introduced it’s Key Management Server. This server connects each machine to one another and then whenever you Install a new copy of Windows it will automatically activate it through this server.

KMSPico works on the same principle, it generates such coded files and makes it understand like it is the part of that KMS Server. This is not as illegal because you are using Microsoft’s own KMS system 😀

 Features of KMSPico

You just read about KMSPico and how does the KMS Server work. Now it is the time to check what features this awesome KMS based activator gives to its users.

Features of KMSPico

Let’s dig in 😀

Activate Windows

It is very helpful in activating windows. You can activate almost all the windows by using KMSPico.

This doesn’t activate it in any spammy way or in such a way that Microsoft thinks you are going against its privacy policy. But it activates the Windows by using Microsoft’s own Key Management Server-based service. Which make it looks it is the genuine copy of Windows.

Activate Microsoft Office

Have you activated your Windows but what about your office? Do you really need another activator for this?

The answer is no 😀 because KMSPico also allows you to activate any version of Office Suite. You can activate the 2016 and 365 version by using KMSPico 2019.

The old version of this tool doesn’t activate Office 365 but KMSPico 2019 Does it. So, make sure to download the latest version from our website.

Activate Windows Server

It is not only useful in activating windows or office but it is also very popular for activating Windows-based Servers.

This is the only thing which makes this activator more famous and more valuable than from others. So, many activators are available to activate the Windows but no one ever claims to activate the Windows Server.

No Fraud Detection

I have mentioned about this feature above but let me tell you more about this. This KMSPico 2019 keeps your system 100% secure and the Microsoft’s server will never get caught you that you are using an activator or original license.

Because it creates such files which make them realize that it is also the member of that Server. In this way, you can use it without any tension that you will be caught 😀

Lifetime Activation

Are you worried that your license will expire after a certain time? Then take a long breath and relax 😀

Because KMSPico offers you Life Time Activation. This will remain activated until you are using your computer. After you upgrade or Reinstall your OS then you just need to activate it again. Don’t think that it will activate automatically (Lol Just Kidding :D)

100% Free

Yes, you heard that right. It is 100% free and will always remain free. If you are buying it from any website or see any person who is selling KMSPico then be aware that they are scammers.

TeamDaz which are the developer of this activation tool make it free for everyone and they don’t want anyone to sell it.

So, whenever you see such website then you can tell the Developer Team so that they take legal action against those scammers.

No Advertisements

This is one of the best features which I love about KMSPico that they give you free activator even with no ads.

Who else does this? Probably no one. There are so many other Windows Activation Tools available on the internet.

But almost all of them comes with many annoying pop-up ads which keep disturbing while activating.

Even after that, they appear when you are not using them. This is the very worst thing and I hate it because as a Content writer this thing is really a headache.

It is the only reason why I love it & most of the people like it.

N-Bit Support

N-Bit Support means it supports multiple bits. If you have a 32Bit supported processor or 64Bit supported processor. Then you can use this only activator for activation, you don’t need to download two separate tools for a separate processor.

Virus Free

There are so many websites which are providing KMSPico but most of them come with the virus. Our website is 100% safe and secure you can download this activator without any tension.

Your computer will remain safe when you download this tool from download links provided by our website. Feel free to download without worrying about Virus or Malware 😀

Auto System Detection

I have used many activators but most of them ask to select which Windows you are using and also the version of that Windows.

Sometimes I forgot that because whenever I install windows I don’t focus much on that. So, that’s why this activator is even more useful for me as it fulfils all my requirements 😀

You just need to open KMSPico 2019 and then it will automatically detect which windows you are using and the build of windows. Which saves your time and also helps when you forget the build.

Multiple Language Supports

If you are the one who doesn’t speak English or using any other language on your machine that you will be glad to listen that it supports multiple languages.

It works on your default language which you selected in your machine. If you choose any other language it will detect it and shows your option in that language so you feel more comfortable when operating it.

Full Standalone

It works fully standalone, which means you don’t need to have connected with internet to use this. This is very useful when you are not connected with the internet or you are away from your home or office.

Light in Size

Yes, it is very light in size which means it will not take much space in your Hard Drive. Full software takes less than 5MB in your computer space. You can also uninstall it after activating Windows and Office (to save  5MB of your hard drive Lol :D)

No Professional Skills Needed

You are not required to have the professional skills or technical skills to use this tool. It is simple and easy to use activator. Everyone can understand it by just having a look at this layout 😀

Also, it has a beautiful and simple layout without any additional buttons or options. That’s why you won’t get confused while using KMSPico.

I will also write a guide on how to install and activate windows using KMSPico activator.

 Pros & Cons

Here are some pros & cons which I notice in this activator. You should also check this before moving to the download Link.


  • Free of Cost
  • Virus Free
  • Fully Standalone
  • Activate Office 365
  • Multiple Language Supports
  • Easy To Use
  • Beautiful & Simple UI
  • Lifetime Activation
  • No Fraud Detection


  • Doesn’t Backup Your Old Files
  • Detected By Antivirus (Needs to disable before installing)
  • Need to Activate Windows Again after Reinstalling or Upgrading

These are some pros and cons of KMSPico which I like and dislike about this. If you face any other problem then please let me know in the comment section so that I can add it in the cons list.

Supported Microsoft Products

If you don’t know what products are supported by KMSPico 2019 then read this list to understand.

  1. Microsoft Windows 10 and It’s all other Builds
  2. Microsoft Windows 8 and all Builds
  3. Microsoft Windows 8.1 and builds
  4. Microsoft Office Suite 2007
  5. Microsoft Office 2010
  6. Microsoft Office 2013
  7. Microsoft Office 2016
  8. Microsoft Office Suite 365
  9. Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2
  10. Microsoft Windows Server 2008

Requirements For KMS Pico

Read the requirements list below before installing it on your computer. If you don’t have one of the below requirement and you fail to install then please don’t blame me

Download KMSpico 2019

Have you read the features of this awesome tool? Do you like it & now you want to know how you can download & install KMSPico on your computer. Then keep reading, here I have written full step by step guide to download and also install on your machine.

Enough talk, let’s just move to the guide without wasting any of your precious t

Download KMSpico

First of all, you need to click on the download button which is located below. The download will start automatically.

Now choose the file location where you want to download the tool, When your file downloaded successfully just disconnect your internet if you want to because it works offline as well but you can also use the internet there is no issue in it.

How To Install KMSpico

Now it comes to the installation process. Before installing please disable your antivirus otherwise it will mark it as virus and will delete it. If you are using Windows defender then pause real-time protection until you install and activate it. After the activation, you can enable your antivirus and also windows defender.


Now extract your file on the desktop. Does it require a password? Don’t worry click here to get the zip password 😀

Enter that password and then you will be able to extract the zip.  Find Password on

In that zip file, you will see two versions of KMSPico

#1 KMSPico Portable

#2 KMSPico.exe

You can use a portable version if you don’t want to install it on your computer or afraid of a virus. The portable version of KMSPico 2019 works without installation just double click on it and it will automatically activate your windows in the background.

KMSPico.exe version first needs to install in your computer and then you can use it and activate your windows.

Double click on .exe version and you will see installation window follow all the steps. It will take a few seconds and then will installed on your computer.

How-To-Install-KMspico-Installing KMspico in windows 10

You have now successfully installed KMSPico in your machine. Now read the below guide to know how you can activate Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office Suite.

How to Activate Windows Using Any KMS Tool

After installing KMSPico in your machine you need to reboot your system for the first time. Now, after reboot, go to Start Menu > here you will see KMSPico icon if not then search for KMSPico in a search bar.

Open it and you will see a new window will pop-up. In that window you can see there is Windows Logo and a Red Button.

Click on that red button and wait few seconds. You will then listen to Program Completed & then realize the Windows Logo background becomes green.

Active windows Using KMspico Activator

That’s it you have now successfully activated your windows. Now again reboot your computer and after reboot right click on My Computer & then open Properties. There you can see “Your Windows Is Activated Dialogue”.

It is the simplest way to activate your Windows without any tension. So, now let’s just move to the activation process of Microsoft office.

It is a little bit different from the Windows Activation. Let’s have a look at that without wasting time.

How to Activate Microsoft Office Suite

First, disable your antivirus for a few minutes until activation completed. Then go to Start Menu > and Open KMSPico from there, or you can use the search bar to search.

Now you will see the KMSPico activation windows but wait? There is only a windows logo? Where is the Office logo? How can I add this? and so many questions arose in your mind 😀

You just need to open any of Office Product such as Word, Excel or any other it doesn’t matter. Now you will see the office logo appear in KMSPico activation windows.

If you are still not able to see the logo then please close KMSPico and open it again but don’t close Office.

Now you can see Office logo is available 😀 it will automatically detect which version of Office you are using.

So, you don’t need to do any additional steps just Click on the same Red Button which you used to activate Windows.

Now again process will start and after a few seconds, you will listen to program complete voice and also see the Green Background in Office Suite Logo.

That’s it now it is successfully activated. Now let me tell you how you can check if it’s activated or not (just for your confirmation :D)

Reboot your machine & after reboot completes now open MS Word & then go click on files. There is an Account Menu on down Left Side.

Open that menu and you will see if your office is activated or not. If it shows it’s not activated then please follow the same steps again and your problem will be solved.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Read about KMSPico? Like the tool? Still, have some questions?

Then read out this most frequently asked questions listed in which I collected the questions which people are asking on the internet. Maybe you will also find out your answer here.

If you are unable to find the answer which you are looking for please feel free to ask in the comment section. I will add it to the faq list if your answer is related to the topic or I find it useful.

Q1) Will KMSpico hack my computer?

No, don’t worry about that it is 100% safe and secure to use and will never ever harm your computer. By the way, it doesn’t even ask you to access your personal files.

It only accesses the files which can be used to activate windows only. Your computer is secure from virus, malware and other trojans.

Q2) I don’t want to use any activator? are there any keys which should be used to activate instead of this KMSPico?

Of course, I have also written an article on product keys where you will find out all windows and their builds keys. All the keys are working and checked by me.

Click here to Get Windows Keys.

Q3) Can I uninstall KMSPico after activating my Windows & Office?

Sure, you can uninstall it right after activating your Windows or Office. It won’t deactivate it so don’t worry about the deactivation 😀

If you don’t know how to uninstall it then please read my uninstall guide. I have added all the method to Uninstall KMSPico permanently.

Q)4 I want to see the log files? Where can I find them?

You can find the log files in your C drive. Open My Computer now go to Local Disk (C) here you will see many folders now open Program Files scroll down and you will see a folder labelled KMSPico open it and here you will see Logs folder.

In that folder, you will get the logs of KMSPico activation.

Q5) Will my Windows get flagged after using KMSPico Activator?

No, these are the only rumours but there is no truth in this.

I personally use KMSPico to activate Windows and Office and I never get flagged from Microsoft. It is a KMS Server based tool which is the program of Microsoft. So, you will never get caught by using KMSPico 2019.

Q5) Is it illegal to use KMSPico?

Yes, it is illegal as it activates the Windows freely as you know that it is paid.

Making these types of activators is piracy of software which is illegal. Instead of this, you can still use it without any worry because almost 1/10 person using it.


KMSPico 2019 is the great and all in one activator for Microsoft Products. It gives you the lifetime and the genuine activation, also it is free and there is no risk of using it. This activator is simply a gift which is developed by the Team Daz.

There are many other activators are available on the internet such as KMSAuto Net, Microsoft Toolkit, and Windows Loader. They work the same as this tool do but instead of that I just love KMSPico as it is fast, reliable and secure to use.

If you don’t feel comfortable with this you should check out other windows activators. For the Windows 7 user, it is recommended to use the Windows Loader which is also known as Windows 7 Loader. It helps you in activating the window and also it can generate the genuine Windows 7 keys to activate windows manually.

If you like this article please do share and let people know about this awesome activator. Also, bookmark my website and turn on the notification so you will get notified every time I update the Download link or add other such great activators.


KMSPico is the most famous and old tool for Windows & Office activation. It is a free activator which is developed by the most famous developers named as Team Daz.

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows 8, 8.1, 10

Application Category: Activator

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